Lokahi - Our Enterprise Ready Solution

Lokahi simplifies the development of modern systems. With Lokahi, system logic - including integrations to blockchain, IoT devices, and web services - is defined using an intuitive visual language rather than by coding. The application can then be emulated and formally verified before being deployed.

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Fast Blockchain Integration

Easy To Learn

Based on an intuitive visual language, Lokahi doesn’t require knowledge of programming and was built with domain specialists
in mind.

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Increased Productivity

Lokahi eliminates long development cycles and the need to communicate requirements to coders. Integration testing is reduced or eliminated altogether by system emulation.

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Mission Critical

Built on formal verification systems that are converted to Mathematical based instruction sets which allow for system wide emulation and verification before deployment.

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Systems can be quickly designed, emulated, formally verified and made ready for deployment. Deployment plans can specify which logic runs on which platform, blockchain, IOT device, microservices, etc.,

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Lokahi Simplifies The Integration of Blockchain and Ledger Technologies

Lokahi reduces the time and cost to build blockchain applications by over 1000 fold. Programming and code are eliminated so development processes are light. R&D concepts and processes can be simulated saving additional time and expense.

  • Collaborative and Multi-user
  • Secure
  • Mission Critical- zero error tolerance
  • One-Click Deployment

Partner with us. Expand your horizons.

Let’s build something together

Research & Development
  • -> Explore new potential blockchain solutions
  • -> Map complex business processes
  • -> 100% Formal Verification of Smart Contracts
  • -> Develop cross platform data exchange
  • -> Join consortium efforts
Integration Partners
  • -> Protocol Integrations
  • -> Add Smart Contracts to your blockchain
  • -> Web service integration
  • -> Connect IOT devices to the blockchain
  • -> Connect Microservices to the blockchain
Business Partners
  • -> Re-seller opportunities to generate revenue
  • -> Reduced rates for components
  • -> Domain Knowledge Transfer
  • -> Client referrals
  • -> Hardware & Software exchange

Enterprise Blockchain Whitepaper

Blockchain has brought the potential of unparalleled accountability to business and our personal lives. Lokahi not only reduces the TOC for blockchain but also increases its relevance to the enterprise by extending the so called “walled garden” of blockchain to applications not running on the blockchain, so they can participate in collaborative systems that are trustable and accountable.

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